Brit Awards 2019: Calvin Harris’ Scottish Accent Left Quite A Few Viewers Shook

"This is the single greatest revelation of 2019 for me so far."

There were quite a few surprises at last night’s Brit Awards.

You know, like the actual Hugh Jackman opening the show, none of the international winners bothering to turn up and Aphex Twin not winning Best Male (jokes).

But there was one moment that had rather a lot of viewers’ collective jaws hitting the floor.

That moment wasn’t when Calvin Harris won the British Producer and British Single gongs (finally, btw), but when he opened his mouth and spoke WITH A SCOTTISH ACCENT.

Seems rather a lot of people either forgot, or simply had no prior knowledge, that Calvin is actually from Dumfries. Maybe it was the dodgy shiny Las Vegas-style suit?

Whatever. Twitter was shook.

Others were surprised that so many people didn’t know the superstar DJ was a Scot.

Some even provided (ahem) ‘proof’...

And if that wasn’t enough to shake Twitter to its very core, folk were then informed that Calvin *gasps* isn’t actually his real name.

So, just to confirm. Calvin Harris is Scottish. His real name is Adam Wiles.

As you were.

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