Can Donald Trump Read? There's Evidence From Saturday Night Live That He Struggles


Of all the rumours circulating around Donald Trump, one of the more worrying is that he can’t read very well - a crucial skill when you’re the President of the United States.

Comedian Samantha Bee created a great round-up of the evidence back in October citing his dislike of teleprompters, a clumsy deposition hearing and numerous telling quotes from his past.

Recently, former “SNL” star and Donald Trump impersonator Taran Killam has confirmed everyone’s worst suspicions about the commander-in-chief’s time on “Saturday Night Live”: Trump “struggled to read.”

Recalling the experience to Brooklyn Magazine, the actor said, “He was … everything you see. What you see is what you get with him, really. I mean, there was no big reveal.

“He struggled to read at the table read, which did not give many of us great confidence. Didn’t get the jokes, really. He’s just a man who seems to be powered by bluster.”

Great. Good job he doesn’t have many important intelligence decisions to make. Oh, wait...

Elsewhere the United States is vowing to keep up the pressure on Syria after the intense nighttime wave of missile strikes from U.S. ships, despite the prospect of escalating Russian ill will that could further inflame one of the world’s most vexing conflicts.

Standing firm, the Trump administration on Friday signaled new sanctions would soon follow the missile attack, and the Pentagon was even probing whether Russia itself was involved in the chemical weapons assault that compelled President Donald Trump to action. The attack against a Syrian air base was the first U.S. assault against the government of President Bashar Assad.

Much of the international community rallied behind Trump’s decision to fire the cruise missiles in reaction to this week’s chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of men, women and children in Syria. But a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the strikes dealt “a significant blow” to relations between Moscow and Washington.


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