Carol Kirkwood Has Another Unfortunate Dog-Related Mishap Live On BBC Breakfast

"Kirkwood down!”
Carol Kirkwood gets pulled over by a dog on BBC Breakfast
Carol Kirkwood gets pulled over by a dog on BBC Breakfast

Carol Kirkwood doesn’t have much luck when it comes to broadcasting with dogs – something that was again demonstrated on Tuesday’s BBC Breakfast.

The BBC morning show’s weather presenter was down at Wimbledon to celebrate the start of the annual tennis tournament, as well as giving viewers the usual rundown on the day’s forecast.

During the live show, she was joined by one of the Wimbledon search dogs, who dragged her to the floor during a particularly chaotic moment.

“Isn’t he the most gorgeous boy?” Carol said, while speaking to co-hosts Sally Nugent and John Kay back in the studio. “This is Ray, he is going to be five in August and he is one of the search dogs here.

“Whilst we have been waiting for you to come to us, he has been sat there like a gentleman just looking ahead at his trainer and just being perfect. I don’t even know what the weather is today, I am so distracted.”

After giving her forecast, Carol then commented on how well Ray had behaved, pointing out he had “hardly moved”.

He then proceeded to do the exact opposite of what she’d just praised him for, racing off and yanking Carol, who was holding his lead.

“Oh no, oh Carol. Kirkwood down,” Sally exclaimed. “It has happened again. Is she okay? Are you okay? Are you alright?”

“Yes!” a laughing Carol assured them, referencing a similar incident that happened live on air in 2021.

“I can’t believe this has happened again. Chelsea Flower Show all over again!” she said.

Of course, fans will also remember the time had another unfortunate ‘dog’-related moment on BBC Breakfast, when she got the phrases “dog walkers” and “joggers” mixed up.

Last week, the BBC Breakfast team unveiled a brand new studio for the morning show at their TV home in Salford, Manchester.

The space is bigger than its previous incarnation and features new state of the art screen technology, while keeping the iconic red sofa at its centre.

Richard Frediani, BBC Breakfast editor, commented: “After celebrating 10 years in Salford and 40 years on BBC One it was time for a new look and studio for the UK’s most watched morning show.

“Breakfast is how millions of Britons start their day, and I hope they’ll enjoy seeing their favourite presenters in a bright, modern space.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One and BBC News.


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