People Are Getting Emotional About This Major Flaw In The Celebrations Advent Calendar

This was obviously going to happen, guys.

In the Gavin and Stacey episode when Nessa gives everyone Celebrations for Christmas, she sums up a nation’s feelings when Gwen gets the Bounty.

“You’ve drawn the short straw there,” says Nessa.” I’m not gonna lie to you.”

Everyone knows that Bounty is an unpopular choice. So it’s hardly surprising that people have been left dissatisfied with Mars’ decision to put the coconut chocolate treat behind the first door of its advent calendar this year.

Although if customers had thought about it, the obvious flaw of picking a Celebrations calendar is this was bound to happen sooner or later.

People have taken to Twitter to express their outrage. “December is cancelled,” said one, while someone else spluttered: “Furious doesn’t even cover it”.

Another one simply asked: “Do they hate happiness?”

The next day didn’t get any better for some people – with the second door on the advent calendar opening up to a mini Snickers.

We only hope today got better for everyone – although according to The Sun, you’re going to have to wait until 11 December for a Galaxy.

Hope it was worth it.