Celebrations Advent Calendar Has Left People Seeing Red With Bounty Stunt

"If that’s not an accurate representation of 2019, I don’t know what is," one chocolate fan tweeted.
Do you have a Celebrations advent calendar?
Mars / HuffPost UK
Do you have a Celebrations advent calendar?

This year’s Celebrations advent calendar has already gone down like a sack of potatoes after people were devastated to find Bounty chocolates behind doors one and two.

And when we say devastated, we mean the-end-is-nigh devastation.

We all know Bounty is an unpopular choice, of course – and a similar reaction happened last year when the calendar started with a Bounty chocolate, but was swiftly followed by a Snickers.

Barney Leigh took to Twitter to share the sad news about this year’s calendar. “If that’s not an accurate representation of 2019, I don’t know what is,” he tweeted, alongside a photo of his findings.

Some were more riled up than others. “Who is the troll at Celebrations starting the month with TWO BOUNTYS?” an utterly outraged Natalie Kempston asked.

Meanwhile Lish Kelly threatened to throw the entirety of her calendar in the bin, and Joseph Lawton claims he’s now single because of the calamity chocolate positioning.

The person behind the official Twitter account for Celebrations is clearly enjoying their time in the limelight – again – as they started uploading custom-made illustrations in retaliation to people’s tweets.

And so the real trolling began.

One person is cashing in on the double Bounty issue, however – and that’s Dale, who is urging people to send unwanted Bounty chocs his way as he’s setting up a “donation centre”.

For those concerned about what’s behind this morning’s window, we are pleased to confirm it’s............ A Mars chocolate.