26/08/2018 08:29 BST | Updated 26/08/2018 08:31 BST

'Celebrity Big Brother' Fans Fuming As Rodrigo Alves' Exit Remains Unexplained

And Rodrigo has his *own* version of events.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ fans were left disappointed on Saturday night, when the show failed to show the incident that led to “Human Ken Doll” Rodrigo Alves’ removal from the house.

On Saturday morning, ‘CBB’ issued a statement revealing that, a week on from his racism scandal, Rodrigo had been involved in a “further incident”, which led to producers removing him from the house.

However, in the highlights show later that day, bosses showed Rodrigo being called to the Diary Room, and then the rest of the housemates’ shocked reaction to his departure.

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'Human Ken Doll' Rodrigo Alves

This lack of explanation left many ‘CBB’ fans furious, who complained on social media that they felt they’d been left in the dark:

Bosses’ decision not to air the reason for his removal is particularly interesting as Rodrigo has his own version of events, insisting that he chose to leave of his own accord, rather than being shown the door.

He told Metro shortly after leaving the house: “The experience in the house was amazing but enough for me. I was not coping very well to be without my mobile phone and not being in contact with my family and friends.

“After Natalie left I felt very upset because she was the life and soul in the house and got very much misunderstood.”

Rodrigo added: “I’m no longer interested in the show or anything to do with it. Simply because it wasn’t for me.”

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ had no further comment when approached by HuffPost UK.

On his first night in the house, Rodrigo sparked a huge backlash when he dropped the n-word twice during a casual conversation with his housemates.

Many viewers felt at the time that ‘CBB’ had been too lenient with him when they smacked him with a “formal and final warning” rather than kicking him out immediately, with almost 1000 fans complaining to Ofcom about the way the incident was handled.

‘Celebrity Big Brother’ airs every night on Channel 5.

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