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Stormy Daniels Finally Gives Her Version Of Events Over 'Celebrity Big Brother' No-Show

Her interview with the 'Loose Women' aired later than originally planned.

Stormy Daniels has finally had the chance to give her side of the story about her ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ appearance that never was. 

The adult film star was due to be appear live on ‘Loose Women’ on Friday to discuss pulling out of the Channel 5 reality show, but was unable to at the last minute due to what was described as a “legal situation”. 

However, a pre-recorded interview was finally given the green light to air on Monday’s edition of the ITV daytime show, in which Stormy lifted the lid on her reasons for not committing to ‘CBB’. 

Stormy Daniels' 'Loose Women' interview finally aired on Monday

She revealed she had originally signed up for the whole series, but renegotiated her deal to only enter the house for a week, due to the on-going legal dispute with US president Donald Trump, who she alleges she had an affair with in 2006.

“When I initially was approached about doing ‘Big Brother’ - full disclosure - I didn’t really know what I was getting myself in to. I’d never seen the show,” she said. “They offered me a lot of money and it was very tempting and then… it’s just crazy, the initial offer.

“Then I realised there’s no way I can make that long of a commitment because of the ongoing litigation with [Donald] Trump and [Michael] Cohen and all that stuff. So the deal was re-negotiated to a week for a substantially smaller sum than is being reported.”

Stormy, who is currently going through a divorce and custody proceedings regarding her seven-year-old daughter, then claimed that after flying over to the UK, she wanted to “come to some sort of agreement” with producers that would have seen her appear on the launch show to apologise to viewers about why she wouldn’t enter.  

“I got word there was a development in my custody case, was very honest, which I guess was my mistake – I told the truth – to the producers that I was uncomfortable spending the night in the house,” she said. 

The interview with Stormy was supposed to air live on Friday put was pulled at the last minute

“Being a mum comes first and I wanted to be able to talk to her with everything going on. But I wanted to work with them.”

She continued: “Instead, they did not want me to go on the live show, said that if I would come in the next morning, that I could then explain myself [with a Diary Room entry] and they would give my day rate to a charity. We were going to work out the details of all that later. All happy, had a deal, came to a great agreement, was going to be great for both of us.”

Asked what happened, she said: “That’s the good question. We agreed to that, the live show started, I stayed at the hotel. They came back a couple of hours later and said, ‘You’re either going to go on and stay in the house, follow the contract to a ‘T’ or we’re deporting you in the morning at 6am’. They said, ‘You have to leave and we have to put you on a plane back to your port of origin, you have to leave the country.’”

While Stormy obviously stayed in the country to film the ‘Loose Women’ interview, Channel 5 have disputed her version of events. 

A spokesperson said: “Stormy Daniels was booked to appear on the show several months ago. Hours before the show was due to go live, informed the production team that she no longer wished to enter the house as previously agreed.

“Producers discussed a variety of options with her but were unable to agree any acceptable conditions for her to enter the house. Reports that Stormy asked for more money are completely false. Our focus is now on making a brilliant series with our fantastic celebrities.”

Rylan Clark-Neal also addressed the matter on screen during Friday’s episode of spin-off show ‘Bit On The Side’, where he reiterated Channel 5′s version of events

“We had her, she changed her mind and she went. It wasn’t how we wanted it to go, but always remember – no housemate is bigger than Big Brother,” he added. 

A rep for ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ had no further comment to make when approached by HuffPost UK on Monday. 

Asked if she understood why bosses had disputed her comments, Stormy said: “Yes, absolutely. Oh, of course I do. Of course I do.”

She also claimed that she’d tried to give a lot of the fee she would have earned from ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ to charity, as she flatly denied reports she demanded more money from them. 

“I woke up [on Friday] to all these crazy claims that I was abusive to someone there - absolutely not true - that I demanded more money - absolutely not true,” she said. “As a matter of fact I tried to give away all of my money.

“It was never about the money. Anybody will tell you I don’t care. I was trying to give the money away.”

During the interview - for which Stormy was not paid, instead donating the fee to Oxfam - she also admitted she wished for nothing more than a life of anonymity, following the legal case with Trump.  

Asked about her regrets, she said: “I would never go to Lake Tahoe [where she alleges she met Trump]. I would actually stay off of all golf courses forever, because you never know what happens.

″[I hope] that someday, in the future, my daughter looks up to me and says, ‘I’m so proud of how brave you were’. And on a very selfish note, that people forget who I am entirely and I live on a horse farm in the middle of nowhere where no one wants to take a picture of me.”

Asked for her opinions on Trump now, she added: “I think that he is a man that’s gotten in over his head.”

‘Loose Women’ airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.  

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