Celebrity Gogglebox Stars Are All Of Us Cringe-Watching Fifty Shades Of Grey With Family Members

“What’s a flogger?”

There’s nothing like settling down in front of the box to watch some telly with your nearest and dearest.

Except when things get a little raunchy on screen, which is exactly what happened to many of our Celebrity Gogglebox favourites during Friday night’s show when they watched the not-exactly-wholesome Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Rylan went for the cushion-in-front-of-his-face approach as his mum Linda enquired about some of the errrm, props, used in the movie.

“What’s a flogger?” she asked her groaning son.

“Summink they cross the arse with or summink?”

Oh Linda, never change.

Zoe Ball was finding the whole experience equally cringeworthy, having to sit and watch the BDSM-themed movie with not only her son, Woody, but also her dad, Johnny.

Meanwhile, comedian Jon Richardson’s wife Lucy Beaumont was having trouble getting into one particular “sensual” scene because her husband was loudly crunching crisps next to her.

“This is a very sensual part and all I can hear is you eating crisps next to me,” she told her husband.

“I’m doing that BDSM,” he replies.

He definitely meant ASMR. We think.

And as for Clare Balding and her wife Alice, there wasn’t a curled-up toe in sight…

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