12 Times Cher Delivered Iconic Twitter Commentary On UK Politics

Brace yourself for a tidal wave of emojis and capital letters.
ANTHONY HARVEY via Getty Images

One area Cher certainly never holds back is when it comes to politics, and while she saves most of her iconic put downs for the current administration over in Washington, she’s also been known to share her thoughts over what’s taking place here in the UK.

Here’s a brief rundown of Cher’s UK political commentary…

1. As with most things these days, it all started with the EU referendum in June 2016, which Cher stayed up and live-tweeted her thoughts on. When “Leave” won, she was seemingly devastated, and did her best to warn the US of what could be next for them:

2. Cher was devastated by the result of the referendum, specifically calling out Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage (neither of whom are on Cher’s presumably-star-studded Christmas card list) in this all-caps response:

3. It swiftly became clear she was definitely not a fan of the former London mayor, when she was asked to sum him up by one of her followers (“any more questions?” is an iconic sign-off if ever there was one):

4. In fact, she’s responsible for reintroducing the phrase “definite tossers” into political commentary:

5. Twice, in fact:

6. She clearly loves an unflattering but imaginative comparison, whether it’s comparing Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage to a hapless cartoon double act:

7. Or branding the US President a “clown” (well a clown emoji) over his comments about the London Bridge terror attack:

8. Not to mention her thoughts on Theresa May:

9. We love when a Queen speaks on behalf of the Queen:

10. In 2017, she led the celebrations, when it looked as though Trump’s visit to the UK would no longer be going ahead:

11. Though it later wound up casting a bit of a shadow over her own visit to the UK, to promote her star turn in the ‘Mamma Mia!’ sequel:

12. And if you thought she was done calling out Farage and Johnson, then think again, as evidenced when reports suggested that a “no deal” Brexit could result in food shortages:


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