Child Safety Video Challenges Parents To Find 11 Risks That Could Harm Children In A Living Room

Can you spot them all?

A new video challenges parents to spot 11 potential risks for a baby or toddler in a living room.

Viewers are given five seconds to name all the hazards - roughly the same amount of time it would take the baby to crawl to the dangers.

See if can spot them in the photo below.


Some of the risks are undoubtedly more obvious than others.

Did you spot them all?


American laundry brand, Tide, released the advert because it wanted to educate families on the importance of keeping kids away from their laundry pacs.

The pacs contain detergent that should be kept away from children.

"Keep laundry pacs away from children," the brand wrote on the video. "Keep them up. Keep them closed. Keep them safe."

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