6 Kids Who Did Not React Well To Parents' Pregnancy Announcements

Nooooo thank you

Welcoming a new member of the family is a big change for everyone, but often siblings can feel the hardest hit.

No longer are they the apple of their parents’ eye and they have to take on the responsibility of being an ‘older’ brother or sister - setting a good example, even when they don’t always want to.

So it is understandable that sometimes a pregnancy announcement isn’t always met with the joy and enthusiasm that mum and dad might anticipate...

When you don’t know how to react.

These two sisters didn’t know quite what to make of their parents’ big news. Shock, excitement, realisation?

At least the dog gets someone else to throw his ball.

When you find out you’re getting a brother.


It was all going well for this little girl when her mum handed her a present, a cupcake to be precise. Then she clocks it is a blue cupcake and her mum tells her she’s going to be getting a little brother...

No amount of cake is making up for that face.

When you find out you’re getting a sister.


This little boy, who has two sisters already, was not pleased when he cut into the gender reveal cake and it was pink.

Dad tried to comfort him by saying: “I had the same reaction buddy”, but nothing is cheering this big brother up.

In fact he was so unhappy he refused to eat the cake - now that is dedication.

When you regret what you asked for.


This little girl might have asked for a baby sister, but she really regretted her decision when she found out she was getting exactly what she asked for.

She just wants to be the only one. And who can blame her? She’s going to have to start sharing those doughnuts.

When you just don’t understand.

This little boy is speaking so much sense: “Why do you need another baby you already have two?! This is exasperating. Why do you want to replace two of your babies? It’s too much.”

As much as mum tries to explain he isn’t having any of it: “And buy me some earplugs too!”

When your worried you might be overlooked.

My sister's maternity pics...I'm cracking up 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/4zbiCvwyfd

— tally (@Ataliagarcia5) July 25, 2016

Not all siblings are human, and this furry paw in these maternity pictures proves just how invested family pets are in pregnancy.

After all, it means less tummy stroking and treats for them...

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