30/03/2017 16:22 BST | Updated 30/03/2017 16:22 BST

'China's Hottest Grandpa', Wang Deshun, Stars In Reebok Advert Aged 81

'Training provides meaning to my life.'

At 81 years old, Wang Deshun is living proof that you’re never too old to dig out your trainers and exercise.

The artist-turned-model, dubbed “China’s hottest grandpa”, stars in Reebok’s latest ad campaign as part of the brand’s ‘Be More Human’ initiative.

The project aims to “inspire people from all walks of life to strive to achieve their full potential through fitness” - a message Deshun is very much on board with.

Deshun only seriously got into fitness at the age of 70 and found fame after strutting his stuff during China Fashion Week in 2015. 

VCG via Getty Images
Wang Deshun walks the runway during the Sheguang Hu show as part of Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week in 2015.

Reebok asked Deshun to be a brand ambassador as he personifies the idea that “you’re never too old to pursue your goals”.

In the latest campaign video he appears alongside actors Yuan Shanshan and Wu Lei. 

Deshun is seen running while dragging a tire and stretching against a wall, in a stance that would make most twenty-somethings wince. 


“Everyone has low points in their life, but you have to keep pushing forward,” Deshun says in the ad.

“When you emerge from your darkest moments, your life becomes hopeful again.

“For me, training provides meaning to my life. I will never stop searching to become more human. It’s my ultimate goal in life.” 

We think we’ve just found our new fitness hero. 

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