23 Utterly Genius Christmas Gifts For Kids Who Just. Don't. Stop.

Buy them now before they sell out.

If there’s one thing most children can be described as, it’s energetic (we’re tired just thinking about it).

So, whether you’re a parent, family friend, or relative who’s in need of gift inspiration for a very busy child this Christmas, we’ve got you covered.

From games and toys that will keep them moving (and hopefully burn off some of that extra energy over the Christmas period) to puzzles and brain teasers that’ll mentally challenge them, there’s something here for every age range.

We’d also advising making sure you bag them quickly before they sell out. It’s worth noting that prices were correct at the time of writing, but may be subject to change – especially around Black Friday.

Track down fairies without leaving your house.
Kids have to find over 100 fairy friends by walking around with the jar – so it not only keeps them active, but it'll keep them busy for ages.

Suitable for age 6 years and over.
Let them investigate this exciting (and colourful) play kit.
The perfect gift for toddlers to help them hone their executive function skills. This play kit encourages everything from jumping and balancing, to building language and memory skills.

Suitable for little ones aged 31-33 months.
Dance and slide along with Elmo.
This 14-inch Elmo plushie sings, sways, flaps his arms, and glides from side to side to a super-catchy song. Perfect for wearing out little ones who will undoubtedly want to copy.

Suitable for ages 2 years and over.
Imaginations WILL run wild with this epic fort kit.
This fort-building set makes for hours of fun – and even better, it's glow in the dark. All you need to do is provide a sheet (or two).

Suitable for three years and over.
This scooter blows bubbles. We repeat: this scooter blows bubbles.
When I saw this at a Christmas press show this year I knew it was going to be a huge hit with kids. Scooters are incredibly fun, but adding bubbles into the mix? Genius.

Suitable for ages three and over.
Keep not-so-little hands busy with this epic Star Wars Lego kit.
Fans of Disney's Ahsoka will love the opportunity to build her T-6 Jedi Shuttle in 3D. With reviewers saying it was "one of their favourite Lego Star Wars builds to date", we doubt they'll be disappointed.

Suitable from nine years old.
A new take on Twister that's sure to sell out.
Forget the dotted mat of yesteryear, Twister has been given a techy upgrade with this app-enabled game. Comes with snazzy wrist and ankle bands – what more could they need?

Suitable from age eight and over.
Gotta catch 'em all.
This game has been hailed as a huge hit for kids this Christmas, so it's no wonder it keeps selling out. Thankfully we found some in stock on Amazon. Get it before it's gone! There are 40 missions for kids to complete so they'll be kept quiet for hours at a time.

Suitable from five years old.
Budding jewellery makers will love this Disney set.
A 2-in-1 toy complete with everything you need to build up to 12 Frozen and Disney princess charm bracelets – featuring crystals from Swarovski.

Suitable for ages eight and over.
NGL, this looks incredibly fun.
And it's also really cheap. This Gyro scooter will give them hours on fun, indoors and out. Plus there are no batteries, peddles or motors.

If you buy it for children under five, they should be supervised at all times.
They'll be hooked on BrainBolt.
This brain teaser game, which is all about remembering light sequences, can be played solo or two player and will keep them busy for ages.

Suitable for ages seven and over.
Encourage tiny helpers with their very own vacuum cleaner.
For kids who love to help, this toy Dyson vacuum has a working suction feature, and whizzing coloured balls that fly around as they help out with the hoovering. And don't worry, it isn't as expensive as the real thing.

Suitable from three years old.
Oh-so-simple and sure to be a huge hit.
This wooden balance board might not look like much, but it's every young child's dream toy – helping them unleash energy while also improving their coordination and balance.

Suitable from two years old.
If you haven't heard of Magna-Tiles, where have you been?
These magnetic tiles will keep little hands busy for ages as they build new creations with the colourful tiles. It's great for boosting motor skills, hand-eye coordination and encouraging creativity.

Suitable from three years old.
A remote control car they won't want to stop playing with.
This stunt car is SUPER cool – it flips and can move in all directions, doing 360-degree spins. It can also tackle trickier terrains like beach or grass. And, bonus, it's under £20.

Suitable from five years old.
An indoor playground? Yes please.
For energetic nippers, this indoor climbing frame has it all – a climbing ladder, climbing board and strong cotton climbing net. Perfect for rainy days when the park isn't an option.

Suitable from three years old.

Jigsaw lovers will be obsessed with this.
Yep, it's a 3D puzzle of the Death Star. The puzzle ball consists of 540 sturdy plastic pieces and contains a hanging device so that it can hover in your home (briefly) when completed.

Suitable from age 10.
Introduce them to the competitive world of Spikeball.
Ok so this one is definitely more of an outdoor activity, but it's a super fun game for the active and downright competitive. And once you're done, it all packs away neatly into a handy bag.

Suitable for 12 years and over.
Indoor football fun that won't damage the furniture.
Need we say more? These 'balls' hover off the ground thanks to an air cushion and have soft foam bumpers around the edges too, so little football fans can play the beautiful game from the comfort of their own home.

Suitable from three years old.
A game based on a true classic.
Who doesn't remember hopping around the living room on cushions because 'the floor is lava'? Well, now it's been turned into an actual game where kids can leap about and burn off loads of energy in the process.

Suitable for ages three and over.
A modern take on marble run for hours of fun.
If your kids are yet to learn about Gravitrax, lucky you. This starter kit will set them up with 149 pieces – think walls, pillars, balconies – they can use to create vertical track systems to run marbles down.

Suitable from eight years old.
Get them into cycling nice and early.
Balance bikes are perfect for toddlers as they develop coordination (and a need for speed), as well as an aversion to pushchairs. This one from Tove is super affordable at £29 and lightweight, with puncture-resistant lightweight foam wheels.

Suitable from 18 months of age up to 25kg.
Help them wind down with a Toniebox.
Hear me out when I say the Toniebox is a game-changer. We bought one for our daughter's birthday and she uses it every day during 'quiet time' and before bed. It's a great alternative to screen time, the perfect way to wind down after charging about all day and you can buy hundreds of different characters which tell stories, as well as an adorable nightlight that plays gentle spa-like music.

Suitable from three years.

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