Trafalgar Square's Christmas Tree Just About Sums Up The Year We've Had

"The results of the £300 epilator you bought."
The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square this year
The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square this year
Getty/Twitter @ArchRose90

The huge Christmas tree put up in Trafalgar Square this year has not exactly impressed the public so far.

The tree is an annual gift from Norway and usually becomes the centrepiece in London’s popular tourist destination when it’s being decorated.

This time, it’s causing a stir because it seems to be missing rather a lot of pine needles on one side, prompting people to ask: “Where’s the rest of it?”

The 25-metre pine is a present from Norway, shipped from a forest near Olso as a thank you for the UK’s support during World War 2. It’s been a tradition ever since 1947 and is now an integral part of London’s Christmas preparations.

Norway even holds a ceremony in November when the selected tree is felled alongside the Lord Mayor of Westminster, the UK’s ambassador to Norway and the Oslo Mayor. It then takes two weeks for the tree to reach the UK.

It’s particularly important this year because Trafalgar Square will be hosting its New Year celebration for the first time even instead of fireworks on the Thames, and the lighting ceremony for the tree will begin on Thursday at 6pm.

But, Twitter wasn’t exactly impressed with the first few glimpses of the tree this year.


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