Christmas News

One woman was left with just 9p after the benefit system swallowed half of her redundancy payout.
One haulier told HuffPost UK: "The last promise I made before I left was: ‘I’ll be back for Christmas’. I didn’t say which one."
Initial decision to press ahead with a five-day lifting of rules has now made things "more difficult" for many, says public health expert.
The site, launched with his Child Food Poverty Taskforce, includes a map signposting local support for the winter.
Home secretary urges public to be "conscientious" in order to stop infections spreading – despite the Covid rules relaxation.
Three households will still be able to meet up over the festive period – but leaders are now urging people to have a "little Christmas".
Restrictions will ease, but England's chief medical officer Chris Whitty told the nation: "Keep it small. Keep it short. Keep it local."
Nations including Germany, Spain and France are moving to tighten restrictions amid fears of a third Covid peak.
But while the law will be the same across the UK, people in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be given different advice.
People travelling between London Paddington, Bristol, Cornwall, Dorset and Devon face disruption.