The Hilarious Reason Claudia Winkleman Forged Davina McCall's Autograph

The Traitors presenter has the bookshop anecdote of all bookshop anecdotes.
Jeff Spicer/BAFTA via Getty Images

In a recent episode of Waitrose’s Dish podcast, Claudia Winkleman shared that she rarely gets recognised when she’s out and about.

Co-host Nick Grimshaw asked the Traitors star how often she’s recognised. “The Claudia Winkleman look is so iconic that if I saw you in a supermarket I’d be like, oh my God, Claudia Winkleman!” he said.

“Nothing’s ever happened to me outside,” the Strictly Come Dancing presenter joked.

But she did point out that she’s been approached “once” ― and it resulted in her faking Davina McCall’s autograph.


“Somebody came up to me in a bookshop,” Claudia told hosts Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett.

“And they went, ’Ah, I’ve always wanted to meet you!” And I was like, ’Here we go... 32 years in telly, and it’s happened,” she said.

She quipped that she told her kids to “hold [her] bag” while she enjoyed the much-anticipated interaction, miming fluffing up her hair to meet a fan.

“And they went, ‘oh, thank you so much Davina, if you could just sign this...’” she recounted (referring to TV legend Davina McCall, who, to be fair, does look a bit like Claudia).

“Noooo way!” winced Nick on hearing the story.


I know ― nightmare fuel.

“I promise that happened,” she stressed. “And I signed, ‘Love, Davina.’“

I’m going to be completely honest; I’ve done worse things out of embarrassment. No judgment from me for this ever-relatable, gravy-tanning fave...


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