15 Cleaning Habits To Start Now That Future You Will Thank You For

Say goodbye to the dreaded weekly ‘big clean’, and hello to these simple day-to-day cleaning heroes.
Save your future self some hassle by picking up these day-to-day saviour products
Save your future self some hassle by picking up these day-to-day saviour products

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I don’t know about you, but after a week at work, there’s quite frankly nothing I want to do less than spend my Saturday or Sunday morning carrying out the ‘big clean’. But considering I’m the kind of person who can’t quite relax if I know the floors might not be clean, I’ve had to find other ways to prevent build-up, blockages, and bacteria, on a day-to-day basis.

Whether you hate pulling clumps of hair out of the drain, loathe scrubbing the loo, or dread doing the monthly comprehensive clean of the coffee machine, I’ve pulled together my top selection of cleaning products and habits to put in place if you want to say goodbye to these time-consuming tasks for good.

Keep tiles cleaner for longer by using this no-rinse spray after every shower
Spritzing the wet tiles and shower screen with some of this fabulous spray after each shower takes literally two seconds, but has helped my shower stay looking cleaner for longer, by preventing the build-up of soap suds, limescale, and even mould. Plus, you don’t even have to rinse it away!
And wipe the shower screen down to prevent the build-up of water marks
The ultimate duo, once I’ve spritzed the shower screen, I use this silicone squeegee to wipe it all away and leave my screen shining. It takes barely any time to do, but has massively helped stop unsightly soap scum and hard water marks building up.
Whack on this compact and affordable dehumidifier
Mould is the worst, so why not stop it before it even develops. Most dehumidifiers are bulky and expensive, but this tabletop one is compact and not even ugly. Remember to turn this on semi-regularly and you'll be saved a massive job of scrubbing the black stuff off in the long-run.
Pop this mat under your shoe rack to catch any fallen dust and dirt
Our floors were getting so dirty thanks to dust, dirt, and gravel that was falling off the soles of our shoes in the hallway. So I put this clever and easy-to-clean mat underneath the shoe rack to catch it before it hits the floors, and I’ve noticed a real difference.
Quickly lift animal fur from the furniture with this self-cleaning lint brush
Perfect for pet owners who feel like their sofa is always covered in fur, the clever lint brush will refresh your furniture without you having to get the vacuum out. A really clever gadget, it’s got a self-cleaning base, and has been designed to hold on to fur until it’s emptied.
Stick a toilet cleaning disc on the bowl and it’ll refresh your loo with every flush
Nobody likes cleaning the toilet – but I’ve found stamping one of these discs onto the toilet bowl really helps it stay fresh for longer. Each disc lasts up to seven weeks, prevents the build-up of stains and limescale, and, best of all, releases a gorgeous lime scent each time you flush.
Quickly clean your coffee machine with these descaling tablets
If you don’t deep clean your Tassimo machine at least a couple of times a year, then it can stop working as effectively. A super boring job, I pop one of these clever descaling tablets in my machine instead, follow the simple instructions, and they quickly clear the limescale for me!
Say goodbye to fishing hair and food out the drain thanks to these silicone covers
There’s nothing worse than when the shower water stops draining away as quickly, and you realise it’s once again time to try and fish hair out of the drain. But thankfully, I’ve managed to completely avoid having to do it since I popped one of these clever silicone hair catchers over the plug hole.
Use this microfibre duster to clean under appliances without having to move them
The floor underneath my TV cabinet gets really dusty, but I hate having to pull it out so I can hoover. So I regularly swoop this fluffy and flexible microfibre duster underneath to stop any build-up, and I’ve found it to be really effective.
Stop the build-up of mould and mildew with these moisture absorbers
Especially if you’ve got a windowless bathroom, then it’s well worth strategically placing these moisture absorbers around the room so it’s less likely to start getting smelly and mouldy.
Save time with this powerful oven spray that works its magic in minutes
Leaving the big oven clean until it’s time to move out is one of the worst mistakes you can make as a tenant, so I stay on top of it by regularly using this super strong solution that’s capable of removing even burnt-on bits of food.
Whizz this spray mop over hard floors for a quick and thorough clean
Disgusted by how dingy the dirty water in the bucket was every time I tipped it away, I got this sleep rose-gold handled spray mop instead, and carry out the odd mid-week spritz. Super easy to use, all you do is attach one of the microfibre mop heads, add your favourite cleaning solution to the bottle, and pull the trigger to release the liquid.
Use this nifty gadget to clear lint and dust from washing machines and radiators
Instead of letting dust build-up between your radiator, use this long and flexible brush to regularly get rid of it. Plus, you can also use it to clean lint out of your washing machine.
Keep fridge shelves clean by lining them with these antibacterial mats
As well as being far easier to clean than your classic fridge shelves, these liners are antibacterial, anti-mould, and moisture-proof, and will therefore keep your produce far more fresh.
Let this 6-in-1 sachet deep clean the grubby washing machine for you
A smelly washing machine is counterproductive for the cleaning of your clothes — but having to scrub it yourself is so boring. A great alternative, this clever cleaning solution will dissolve hair, kill bacteria, and get rid of odours for you. Plus, there are six sachets in a pack.

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