18 Ways To Save Your Windowless Bathroom From Mould and Bad Vibes

A bathroom without a window can feel dank and gloomy – here's how to freshen it up.
Easy peasy ways to make more of your windowless bathroom
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Easy peasy ways to make more of your windowless bathroom

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In a perfect world, every bathroom would have a gloriously breathtaking feature window that lets in all the light and fresh air you could ever need. Unfortunately, the reality for many of us, thanks to smaller homes and more compact living, is a bathroom with no windows at all. Sigh.

The major issue with these kinds of bathrooms is the lack of ventilation, which significantly increases the chances of mould growth, damp, and mildew. Then there’s the fact that windowless bathrooms can feel kind of dark and dull.

I currently live in a new build with windowless bathrooms and I can tell you, the struggle is real. However, there are lots of little things you can do to make more of your windowless space, while keeping the mould and damp at bay.

In a bid to make more of my bathroom (and help you get more out of yours), I’ve done a little decor digging and rounded up all the best hacks and ideas for ensuring your windowless bathroom remains a stylish, mould-free space.

Blitz away stains, mould and damp
Got an area of mould on your ceiling? Or a patch of damp? This spray on blocker and coater will quickly become your best friend. When my windowless bathroom was coated in mould, this stuff was a total lifesaver.
Install a powerful extractor fan
If your extractor fan isn't powerful enough, the room will remain steamy after use which, in turn, can cause mould to develop. Swap out your basic extractor fan for this more powerful, yet quiet, alternative.
Add a purifying plant that doesn't need sunlight
Most plants need sunlight to thrive, but I have it on good authority this snake plant (also known as mother-in-law's tongue plant) can live happily in a windowless bathroom. Just make sure to water it regularly and give it the odd blast of sunlight blast every now and then.
Keep your bathroom clutter-free
These suction-attached (and washable) caddies are not only super useful for keeping bathroom clutter at bay, they also help to prevent mould by ensuring that shampoos and shower gels don’t stand on the edge of the bath in pools of water. I have these myself and they're a must have.
Add light with this LED bathroom mirror
Feel like your windowless bathroom lacks light? Add this LED light-up mirror and give the room a brightness boost. This waterproof and dust-proof design features touch sensors and anti-fog technology.
Add a relaxing scent with this diffuser
Ideal for plug-free bathrooms, this USB rechargeable (or battery operated) mini essential oil diffuser – which actually works without water – features a smart, sleek design complete with a solid wood cap and simple settings.
Don't leave excess water hanging around
Excess standing water causes mould and mildew, so it’s a smart move to ensure any leftover post-shower water is removed. This glass cleaning blade is just the thing; it quickly and effectively removes excess water from panels and tiles, avoiding soap scum and limescale buildup into the bargain.
Opt for an anti-mould shower curtain
For one reason or another, shower curtains always seem to end up dotted with mould. Replace your current curtain with this mould-proof and mildew resistant shower curtain that is machine washable (and with a pattern that hides dirt, too).
Keep mould at bay with this handy spray
Noticed mould spots growing on your bathroom grout or sealant? This cleaner-approved, heavy duty spray will sort you out. It's quick and easy to use and works to get rid of mould once and for all.
Remove existing mould with this magic gel
Already got a bit of a mould build-up? You have got to try this incredible mould remover gel, which removes mould (and mildew) in just one application. I saw this stuff advertised on television, didn't think it would work, but I can confirm it does – like an absolute dream.
Use a dehumidifier
To help reduce how moist your bathroom is, opt to add this rechargeable mini dehumidifier to the space. It'll help to quickly remove moisture from the air, lowering the likelihood of mould developing.
Add luxury with this amber glass dispensers
Chuck out those cheap-looking plastic soap and shampoo bottles and add a little extra luxe to the space with these refillable amber glass pump bottles. I have these in my bathroom and they immediately lift its look.
Make cleaning your loo super simple
In windowless bathrooms, a fresh clean loo is a must. That's where this super flexible, easy clean silicone toilet brush comes in. I have one of these and let me tell you, it is a total godsend.
Add a little greenery
Add a splash of colour to the space with these realistic-looking artificial hanging string of pearl plants that thankfully don't require light to thrive.
Invest in an anti-mould in-shower mat
Why is it that shower mats always seem to get gross so quickly? Prevent mould growth on your shower mat with this anti-mould, non-slip buy that works perfectly in both baths and showers.
Install space-saving shower caddies
How smart do these aluminum shower caddies look? They’re rust resistant, super easy to install in your shower and can hold up to 22kg of weight, making them ideal for stashing shampoo, shower gel, and shavers.
Keep your shower, bath and sink watermelon clean
For easy peasy bath and shower cleaning, this spray-and-go bottle is a godsend. It’s an antibacterial shower spray you simply spritz and leave to work (no washing or scrubbing needed). Use each time you leave the bathroom to keep the space fresh and sparkling (no soap scum, mould growth, or streakiness),
Upgrade your bath mat
How cute is this peach-shaped bath mat? It's the little things that make the biggest impact to the look and feel of your bathing space, and this perfectly peachy mat is a style game-changer. It's fun, quirky, and fruity colourful.