Clear Coffee That Won't Stain Your Teeth Is Now On Sale In The UK

This changes everything.

If you love starting the day with a coffee but worry about the impact it’s having on your teeth, we’ve found the perfect product for you.

Two London-based entrepreneurs have created “the first colourless coffee drink in the world” to give us a caffeine hit, without the fear of teeth stains.

CLR CFF is the brainchild of brothers David and Adam Nagy and is now available to order online or purchase in stores.

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The brothers are keeping the production process close to their chests, but on their website, they explain the beverage is made from “high quality Arabica coffee beans and pure water”.

“It is produced by methods which have never been used before,” they say.

“Due to this combination of technology and high quality ingredients a drink has been developed which is unique in taste and flavour.

“Our product does not contain preservatives, artificial flavours, stabilisers, sugar or any other sweeteners.”

Each bottle contains 50mg caffeine per 100 ml, or 100mg caffeine per recommended 200ml serving.

According to the NHS, this is equal to a standard mug of instant coffee, which usually contains 100mg caffeine.

You can purchase a two-pack of the drink online at £5.99 or pick up a bottle in Whole Foods or Selfridges now.

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