The Answer To Better Sex Is Probably Already In Your Pantry

It's got to be worth a try...
Open cabinet full of groceries in a modern kitchen
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Open cabinet full of groceries in a modern kitchen

If you’re struggling with the more, uh, horizontal parts of your love life, you might just want to give a good cup of Joe a go.

At least, that’s according to two TikTokers who Dr. Karan Raj stitched on the app. “I just found out that if you drink coffee before sex, it intensifies your orgasm by 50%”, the first creator says.

“Why would I not try this?”, the second said, before reporting back; “that was wild.”

The doctor, known for spreading his medical knowledge and debunking health myths on the app, then shared his thoughts on the theory. And while it’s not exactly hard (sorry) science on the topic, Dr. Raj says there could be medical reasons behind the theses.

Let’s talk about blood, baby

Caffeine has an effect on your blood vessels, the doctor shared. In lower doses, it narrows them (or has a “vasoconstrictor” effect), while larger doses can cause your vessels to expand (vasodilation).

For what it’s worth, the latter phenomenon (vasodilation) is key to Viagra’s success.

“Arousals and orgasms are largely based on the amount of blood flowing to your crown jewels,” Dr. Raj shared. So, “the better your circulation, the more flow to your erectile tissue. Thus, the more likely you are to reach states of arousal.”

It’s a good place to kick off a sensational orgasm, Dr. Raj shared. So, the theory makes a kind of sense.

There’s not much research, though

”There’s no real research into whether that [vasodilation] can extend into the genitals of humans,” the doctor says.

A 2005 study was done on rats, which showed that female rats were more sexually active after consuming coffee ― but, well, rats are not human, and vasodilation is not the only possible cause.

“Simply put, caffeine is still a stimulant,” Dr. Raj says. “So perhaps the increased focus, alertness, and heart rate just makes people more active.”

“There’s no real, hard science to suggest whether coffee could make or break your big trip to O-town,” he says. “But it does sound like a fairly benign experiment, so do whatever you need to do to float your erogenous boat.”

Look, I’m willing to contribute to the scientific community...

You can watch the entire video here.


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