Commons People Politics Podcast: Labour Leadership, PMQs and Donald Trump

It's the last one for the summer :-(

In this week’s Commons People we look forward to another summer and another Labour Party leadership contest.

This week it was decided by Labour MPs that Owen Smith would be the challenger to Jeremy Corbyn – with Angela Eagle bowing out gracefully.

Owen Smith launched his campaign proper this week, which somehow involved him talking about his sex life on Good Morning Britain.

Corbyn kicked off his campaign with a speech in London in which he simultaneously offered the hand of friendship and the slap of deselection to Labour MPs.

In the Commons there was another moment of history this week as Theresa May took part in her first Prime Minister’s Questions since becoming Tory leader.

Any fears the occasion might overawe her were banished when she delivered a withering put-down to Jeremy Corbyn.

Over the pond, and the Trump show rolls on to what could be a terrifying conclusion

At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Trump was confirmed as the party’s official nominee for President.

There was a case of de ja vu on the first night, when The Donald’s wife, Melania, delivered a speech similar to one given by Michelle Obama in 2008.

Ted Cruz, who finished second to Trump, was booed as he addressed the delegates.