owen smith

Shadow Brexit secretary hoping to prove Blair wrong. But will Labour be finished if it doesn’t win in 2024?
Owen Smith tells HuffPost UK's Commons People podcast that three years of "prevarication and dithering" on Brexit has already hurt Labour's chances at the next election.
No one gave him a chance but the prime minister has managed to strike a Brexit deal with the EU.But the government was immediately facing questions over how sustainable it was given opposition from the DUP.Senior Labour MP Owen Smith joins Arj, Paul and Rachel to react to the deal and its chances of passing parliament, unpack what it means for peace and prosperity in Northern Ireland and ask whether Jeremy Corbyn’s calls for a second referendum are too little, too late.
Women have told HuffPost UK they've experienced intense pain and suicidal thoughts following the surgery.
Smith also revealed Corbyn had 'barely spoken' to him about Northern Ireland policy in 10 months
Boris Johnson left isolated over Vote Leave defence and all the other news.
'You should always keep your options open in a negotiation.'
MP backed second referendum; Corbyn accused of 'Stalinist purge' amid anti-semitism row.
'Labour needs to do more than just back a soft Brexit or guarantee a soft border in Ireland.'