14/04/2016 16:05 BST | Updated 06/06/2016 12:24 BST

12 Pictures Of Cross-Party Political LOLs

They're not always at each other's throats

Tory Prime Minister David Cameron, Labour's Harriet Harman, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron and Green Party leader Natalie Bennet have shared a platform to make the case to Remain in the European Union.

But it's not the first example of cross-party harmony in either the EU referendum or recent history. Here are some of our favourite pictures.

  • 1Cable, Osborne and Balls, 2016
    Cable, Osborne and Balls, 2016
    Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
  • 2Heseltine, Blair and Clarke, 2001
    Heseltine, Blair and Clarke, 2001
    Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive
  • 3Farron, Cameron and Harman, 2016
    Farron, Cameron and Harman, 2016
    WPA Pool via Getty Images
  • 4Major, Blair and Brown, 2012
    Major, Blair and Brown, 2012
    Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive
  • 5Khan and Cameron, 2016
    Khan and Cameron, 2016
    Yui Mok/PA Archive
  • 6Davidson, Sturgeon and Dugdale, 2016
    Davidson, Sturgeon and Dugdale, 2016
    Andrew Milligan/PA Wire
  • 7Ashdown, Cameron and Kinnock, 2016
    Ashdown, Cameron and Kinnock, 2016
    Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
  • 8Wood, Sturgeon and Farage, 2015
    Wood, Sturgeon and Farage, 2015
    Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive
  • 9Miliband, Clegg and Cameron, 2014
    Miliband, Clegg and Cameron, 2014
    LEFTERIS PITARAKIS via Getty Images
  • 10Cameron, Osborne and Harman, 2015
    Cameron, Osborne and Harman, 2015
    Dan Kitwood via Getty Images
  • 11Brown, Cameron and Clegg, 2010
    Brown, Cameron and Clegg, 2010
    Handout via Getty Images
  • 12Major, Ashdown and Blair, 1995
    Major, Ashdown and Blair, 1995