06/05/2017 17:57 BST | Updated 06/05/2017 19:28 BST

Croydon Protest Sees Far-Right Demonstrators Outnumbered By Anti-Fascist Protesters

Not exactly a great turnout, eh lads?

A rally by far-right protestors has been vastly outnumbered by an anti-fascist demonstration in south London.

Two opposing demonstrations took place in East Croydon on Saturday, with a heavy police presence ensuring the rival protesters were kept away from each other.

The South East Alliance had initially planned an anti-immigration protest outside Lunar House, the Home Office headquarters for visa services and immigration.

Images from the scene did not exactly make the demonstration look hugely well-attended.

Protestors could be seen holding signs reading “say no to sharia” and “immigration ruined our NHS and social housing”.

The Evening Standard reported around 40 people attended - while a rival demo organised by Unite Against Fascism and the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) attracts around 400 protesters.

Video from the scene showed counter-protest shouting that they would “stand up, fight back” when parts of the community were under attack.

Another video showing anti-fascist demonstrators scuffling and shouting “police protect the Nazis”.

The Metropolitan Police said that part of one street was cordoned off and there was some disruption to train and tram services due to the demonstrations.