5 Cute Animals To End The Week: Unlucky Dog Finds Love And Taxi For Alpaca

Plus a bonus appearance from Supervet.

This week our favourite animal story is without a doubt the tale of Channel 4′s ‘Supervet’ Noel Fitzpatrick who was filmed ushering a swan away from traffic while en route to an interview in Dublin.

Despite the soggy conditions, the vet removed his blazer to wrap the swan up and then carried it to a nearby canal (not all heroes wear capes, some wear tweed). A happy ending for all involved. Nice one, Noel.

Onwards to our other cutie pie animals...

1. This Dog Finally Found His Happily Ever After

To say Murray the Weimaraner has had a hard life would be the understatement of the century. As a small pup, he was abandoned on a beach in Puerto Rico and later rescued by animal rescue non-profit The Sato Project. But sadly not long after rescue Murray and his siblings showed signs of distemper, a virus that can kill dogs as it impacts their nervous system.

Two of Murray’s siblings didn’t survive and Murray was due to be euthanised, but when the tiny pup wagged his tail the vet saw a glimmer of hope. Following successful treatment (although he was left with some neurological damage), Murray was flown to the US where he found his forever home. The long-tongued pooch is now a bit of a celebrity on Instagram with more than 27,000 followers.

His owner says Murray has no idea anything is wrong with him and is always wagging his tail and playful: “We can’t imagine our lives without him.”

2. Big Dog Tries To Steal Small Dog

A tiny pooch got dognapped recently by what appears to be a large retriever – although, from what we can see, tiny dog was well up for running away into the night...

3. The Interspecies Friendship

The video below is like the 2018 remake of ‘The Fox And The Hound’ but the fox has been replaced by a goose who gives great hugs and it’s the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen. 14/10 would watch again.

4. Alpaca Takes A Cab With Conviction

Imagine getting a phone call from someone saying they saw an alpaca trying to take a taxi. You’d think they were pulling your leg. The thing is though, this actually happened... We can’t quite believe it either.

5. New York’s Missing A Duck

Ending on a bittersweet note (sorry). A much-loved Mandarin duck which moved into Central Park has gone missing. The bird-turned-celeb has been known to draw huge crowds with its gorgeous plumage – but not any more.

While some have come out with outrageous theories about the duck being either eaten or stolen, experts reckon it’s just moved on to warmer climes. The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation said in a statement: “While we’re happy to have had him visit our parks, it’s important to remember that at some point he may leave New York for warmer temperatures.”