13 Most Adorable Children’s Letters To Father Christmas

They're definitely on the nice list.

One of the most magical parts about Christmas as a child is believing there is a jolly old man living in the North Pole who will bring you whatever you ask for.

But without being able to contact him on social media or via the phone, you’re going to need to get writing.

Here are 13 of the most adorable letters being sent to Santa this year.

1. “Thank you if I discover a puppy.”

2. “Or is it rocks?”

3. “Ravenclaw specifically.”

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4. “So surprise me well.”

5. “P.S. A new Kindle Fire.”

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6. “I am sorry for all the bad things.”

7. “Guitar.”

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8. “Some new scissors.”

9. “How is Ms Closue.”

10. “Yes or no...”

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11. “Barbi house.”

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12. “My mum tells me I’ve been very good.”

13. “I think you are my favarite person.”