19/01/2017 14:07 GMT

Dad Finds Poem Written By His Daughter And We Could All Learn Something From Her Words

"Have fun and more fun. Be excited." ❤️

Seeing the world through a child’s eyes can often give us a fresh perspective on life and what really matters.

This dad found a poem written by his daughter that, in the most simplest of terms, encourages people to have more fun and enjoy life.

“Have fun and more fun,” the poem reads. “Be excited, be surprised, explore and have adventures.”

The poem continues: “Enjoy yourself all the time. Be happy. Play all the time.”

The words, which were written in March 2014 but found years later by the girl’s dad, were shared on Reddit by a family friend.

“This is beautiful, it’s honestly the key to life,” one person commented on the photo. “You never see a child stop playing and turn to their parent and go, ‘am I doing this correctly?’”

Another wrote: “I want to hire her as my life coach.” 

Other parents shared words their own children had said or written down that they found inspiring.

“My four-year-old’s most recent made-up song went like this: “I don’t know how to fly, I’m looking in my way. I’m not believe myself. I’m rolling in my day.’”

A dad wrote: “My daughter said to me yesterday: ‘Just stop and think and be happy for a minute daddy.’”

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