Hilarious Photo Of Dad And Newborn Sparks Unexpected Caption Competition

Who's more shocked?

A comical photo of a new dad holding his newborn baby has sparked an unexpected caption competition on the internet.

The hilarious Imgur photo shows the baby cosily laying on her dad's chest with a very shocked look on her face.

Joining in, the dad looks down at her with a frown while he's cradling her.

The photo, that has been viewed more than 240,000 times in 12 hours, sparked a flurry of competitive internet users wanting to get the best caption.

So who wins?

"My God, I'm holding a potato."

"'What just come out of my butt?' said baby. 'What just came out that baby's butt?' said man who was just handed baby."

"Somebody farted, it wasn't me."

"Man's thoughts: 'What if I drop her?' Baby: 'What if he drops me?'"

"Baby's thoughts: 'I was so comfortable inside mummy... Who the hell is this guy? Everything happened way too fast'."

"Dad (thinking): 'You smell weird'. Baby (thinking): 'You smell weird'.


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