Parenting Hack: This Dad Can Stop His Baby Screaming With One Simple Move

Bow down to the baby whisperer.

After finding out that babies in Britain cry more than those in other parts of the world (tell us something we don’t know), we’ve been praying for a way to make them stop.

Even if just for long enough for us to drink a hot cup of tea.

And now it seems one dad has come up with a completely genius way to make his little one stop crying, although it does seem a little too good to be true.

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The anonymous father from Prague, Czech Republic, has his newborn on his knees while he is crying, explaining: “Like every parent knows, sometimes this dude just cries uncontrollably.”

Inspired by seeing another dad chanting on Instagram, he decided to try out the chanting method for himself, and within seconds he is not only quiet but also smiling.

It’s a miracle.

This is the second time a dad’s baby calming trick has gone viral in recent months.

Another dad Daniel Eisenman, from California, US, debuted his method on Instagram, in April.

Eisenman shared a video of his daughter, Divina, crying in his arms. To calm her down, he took in a deep breath then let out a long and deep “Oommmm” sound.

The video was viewed over 50,000 times.