Dad Who Speaks With A Stutter Pushes Through To Read Bedtime Story To Daughter Until She Falls Asleep

'I told her I was sorry she had a daddy that stuttered.'

A dad who has a stutter did not let that stop him reading a whole bedtime story to his daughter until she fell asleep.

Lance Lambert, 29, from Texas, US, said he has always been self-conscious about his speech impediment and finds answering his phone a struggle.

But reading stories to his six-year-old daughter Avery is the top of his priority list.

A video he uploaded to YouTube showed it took him 11 minutes to read a bedtime story to Avery, who helped him through it by reading some words.

And his persistence paid off, as she was fast asleep by the end.


“I told her I was sorry she had a daddy that stuttered,” Lambert told Inside Edition.

“She said she didn’t care, and that’s okay.”

Lambert said he was encouraged to share the video after he had to stand up and do a public speech at a college without stuttering.

When he managed to get through that, he wanted to show others how hard he tries to read to Avery every night.