Dakota Johnson Explains Why Her Gen Z Co-Stars ‘Annoy’ Her

The millennial actor says her Madame Web co-stars reminded her how she differed from them “like, every second of the day.”

Dakota Johnson got a little “get off my lawn” with her Gen Z co-stars.

Johnson spoke to Seth Meyers on Late Night recently about her relationship with her Madame Web co-stars, Sydney Sweeney, 26, Celeste O’Connor, 25, and Isabela Merced, 22.

“I love them, but they annoy me,” the Persuasion star admitted to Meyers.

Johnson, a 34-year-old millennial, said this sentiment was due to the “generational divide” she felt with her co-stars.

“When did you feel the oldest?” Meyers asked Johnson.

“All the time,” Johnson responded somewhat jokingly. “Like, every second of the day.”

Watch Johnson’s conversation with Meyers below:

On Monday, the Fifty Shades of Grey alum elaborated on another reason her co-stars irked her a bit while speaking to E! News.

“I don’t think they include me,” Johnson quipped about a group chat that Sweeney, O’Connor and Merced apparently have named “The Boo Crew.”

Johnson added: “I’m older than them, and they make sure that I’m aware of that.”

Although Johnson seems to be displaying her wry sense of humour during these interviews, it seems like Sweeney may also be in on the generational joke.

While speaking to E! News, the Euphoria star emphasised how much older Johnson was than her while giving the The Lost Daughter star a back-handed compliment.

“I’ve been a fan of hers since I was a lot younger,” Sweeney said, noting that she “might have snuck” into a screening of one of Johnson’s R-rated Fifty Shades movies when she was underage.

Sweeney added, “My parents didn’t let me watch it.”


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