sydney sweeney

Fans who feared season three might never happen have been given some intriguing news.
The Anyone But You co-stars sparked widespread rumours of an on-set romance while filming the rom-com in Australia last year.
The Euphoria star had her say after a producer claimed she was "not pretty" and "can't act".
“We've been tossing around a bunch of different ideas.”
The star looked like a masterpiece at the premiere of her new horror movie, Immaculate.
The Immaculate star chimed in on the critically-panned superhero film that became the subject of memes and jokes.
The Euphoria star evoked the early 2000s in a plunging cream gown pulled from the fashion archives.
The millennial actor says her Madame Web co-stars reminded her how she differed from them “like, every second of the day.”
Find someone who looks at you the way the Euphoria star looks at... whatever she's looking at.