Sydney Sweeney Reveals There Have Been Talks For An Anyone But You Sequel

“We've been tossing around a bunch of different ideas.”
John Lamparski via Getty Images

Sydney Sweeney has revealed that there have been discussions around a sequel to Anyone But You, her hit romcom co-starring Glen Powell.

The actors starred together in the December 2023 film which follows the quarrelling Bea and Ben, who pretend to be smitten for one another to keep up appearances during a family destination wedding in Australia.

Despite the film receiving a mixed critical reception, it was a box office success – surpassing $200 million (£157.1 million) after being made for just $25 million (£19.6 million).

Now, Sydney has suggested that it might not be the last we’ve seen from their Anyone But You characters.

“It’s a dream how big it’s become and how much it resonated with people,” she said in a new interview with GQ.

She continued that a sequel is “maybe, maybe” in the works, adding: “We’ve been tossing around a bunch of different ideas.”

She continued: “We just want to make sure that whatever we do gives the audience what they want and at the same time is new and exciting for us.”

The film was also responsible for sending Natasha Bedingfield back into the charts for featuring her 2004 song Unwritten.

Elsewhere in the interview, the Euphoria actor explained her decision to make light of allegations of an affair with her co-star by way of her recent SNL monologue.

In the opening skit, she mentioned that her fiancé Jonathan Davino also produced the film and was there for the entire shoot, before asking the camera operator to cut to him – revealing a smiling Glen in the studio audience instead.

“We really wanted to make light of everything that’s out there and be like, ‘C’mon guys,’” she said.

“You can’t control the media and I think that’s what a lot of my monologue was about,” she says. “People are gonna write what they wanna write and say what they wanna say, but there’s no research or truth behind any of it. It’s just people writing clickbait.”

Rumours of an affair ran rampant in the lead up to its release, which Glen said subsequently told Men’s Health felt “disorienting and unfair”.

Meanwhile, Sydney also recently addressed her new film Madame Web flopping at the box office, sharing that she was “unfazed”.


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