08/02/2019 08:25 GMT | Updated 09/02/2019 12:06 GMT

Danniella Westbrook Sent To Rehab By 'Good Mate' Jeremy Kyle

"I’m never looking back."

Danniella Westbrook is checking into rehab after being sent by her “good mate” Jeremy Kyle

The former EastEnders actor, who has very publicly struggled with cocaine addiction, is entering the facility to reclaim the “drug-free life” she lived for 14 years after originally beating her demons. 

Daniella Westbrook

Danniella will take part in a 10-week programme to overcome her addiction issues, which she has suffered with over the last four years. 

Revealing she had filmed an appearance on Jeremy’s ITV talk show, she told of how he had helped her on her journey.  

Jeremy Kyle is helping Danniella beat her demons

In a Twitter post she said: “First day on a 10 week program which will change my life make me strong and give me the tools too never feel the way I’ve felt the last four years … I’m never looking back.

“For those of you asking my good mate Jezza had me on his show which is being Aired in the morning & has kindly sent me 2 rehab for 3 months. I’m grateful & excited 2 have the chance 2 get the drug free life I had for 14 years back. Thank u 4 ur support. [sic]”

Danniella, who was diagnosed with womb cancer last year, recently said she hasn’t spoken to her 17-year-old daughter Jody – who she has with her former husband Kevin Jenkins – in three years, as she’s been forced to deal with her addictions and an online stalker.

Last month, she told of how she now wants to get in touch with her, as she does not know what her long-term prognosis is.

She told The Jeremy Vine Show: “Jody is with her dad and that’s just a whole different issue because of different things but the stalker did play a huge part in that for her own safety.

“I haven’t spoken to Jody for three years. She’s 17, she’s gorgeous. Look, it’s very difficult, especially since I’ve been ill. Jody is doing her life and she’s doing very well, she’s done brilliantly at school and now she’s in college and she’s doing great, and her dad is a great dad and he’s doing what’s best for her, right now.

“It’s probably a safer and much better environment for her whilst I’ve got all this stuff going on, with trials and different things and being ill, she should be there right now.”

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