Jeremy Kyle

Talk TV has already announced shows to be fronted by Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne.
The controversial presenter addressed the "elephant in the room" on his talkRadio show.
“I’ve felt hunted and made out to be responsible for everything that ever took place around that show. But I was just the face of it.”
With the divisive presenter having now left, who will ITV recruit to sit in his old seat?
A preliminary hearing into the death of The Jeremy Kyle Show participant Steve Dymond has opened.
Derek Draper has been in hospital since March after contracting Covid-19.
The Jeremy Kyle Show was cancelled earlier this year following the death of participant Steve Dymond.
The daytime show was cancelled by ITV in May following the death of one of its guests.
The 54-year-old is expecting his first child with fiancée Vicky Burton, 37.
The review of reality TV shows comes after the sudden death of a guest of the show in May.