Jeremy Kyle

It is not enough to cancel one show and just move on. Broadcasters need a new gold standard for treatment, and to fund a dedicated support system for people who have appeared in the media.
There will be a full independent review of the genre in light of recent events.
"So much snobbery and hypocrisy being spewed by his critics."
"Those in need are practically made to beg for Jeremy’s help."
"Now is the right time for the show to end."
We Brits have a lot to be proud of, but Jeremy Kyle taught us we are also capable of a sadistic, gawping, perverse glee in the misfortune of others reminding us that while things may be bad, ‘at least we’re not this poor bugger’.
ITV have cancelled The Jeremy Kyle Show following the death of a guest shortly after filming. ITV are conducting a review into the episode, while all previous episodes have been removed from the ITV Hub. The daytime show, often involving DNA and lie detector tests, has been a regular on ITV since 2005.
The former EastEnders star had been due to appear in a celebrity special of The Jeremy Kyle Show.