Kate Garraway Reveals ‘Kind’ Jeremy Kyle Has Helped Out As Her Husband Remains In Intensive Care

Derek Draper has been in hospital since March after contracting Covid-19.

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Kate Garraway has revealed how Jeremy Kyle has stepped in to help as her husband Derek Draper continues to be treated for the effects of Covid-19.

The former host of The Jeremy Kyle Show, which was axed last year, gave Kate the use of his driver to take the couple’s children, Billy and Darcey, to their grandparent’s home after she put stringent safety measures in place to keep them all safe.

Kate Garraway and Jeremy Kyle
Kate Garraway and Jeremy Kyle

Speaking on Monday’s Good Morning Britain, Kate said: “My children for the first time are staying away from home. They’ve gone to stay with Derek’s mum and dad.

“They’ve been shielding since the beginning of March because they both feel vulnerable so this is a very big deal to have the children stay.

“One of the things we did was plan over several weeks what to do. They isolated the days before they needed to travel. I washed and packed clothes and sealed them.

“They travelled up not with me, because they’ve not even had contact with Derek’s sisters, so I didn’t want to be an extra person coming into their lives.

“So thanks to Jeremy Kyle they travelled up because he said my driver has been isolating and keeping the car very clean so I’ll take the children up.”

She added: “Very, very kind of him, thank you very much Jeremy.”

Derek is still in intensive care following his coronavirus battle and remains stable. On Monday’s Good Morning Britain, Kate revealed he had missed their son’s birthday.

Derek and Kate in Australia last year, shortly after she left the I'm A Celebrity jungle
Derek and Kate in Australia last year, shortly after she left the I'm A Celebrity jungle
James Gourley/ITV/Shutterstock

“I did go and see him yesterday and it was quite a tough visit,” Kate said.

“He’s had a tough couple of weeks and you know it’s the first birthday he has missed. It’s Billy’s birthday today so I think I was extra emotional.

“And you think of you know, he was there when (Billy) was born and how Derek would like to be present today.”

She added that doctors had assured her Derek’s condition had not worsened.

“They said sometimes a day when nothing has gone backwards, and nothing has gone wrong is a positive day.

“I am desperate for a step forward and I’m sure he is always too. But it’s always lovely to see him and so it’s wonderful to have the chance to do that.”

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