Watch Danny Dyer's Four-Letter Brexit Tirade Against David Cameron

Jeremy Corbyn looked on…as did Pamela Anderson

Danny Dyer is not a man to mince his words, so when the professional geezer was asked to give his views on Brexit, it was always going to be hilarious.

The EastEnders actor went from confusion to anger in a matter of seconds on ITV on Thursday night, with most of his aggression aimed at former Prime Minister David Cameron.

Or “twat”, as Dyer dubbed him.

In a spectacular rant on Good Evening Britain – a spin-off from ITV’s morning show – Dyer managed to leave Piers Morgan virtually speechless as he mused on the UK leaving the EU.

Looking on was Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and – for some reason – former Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson.

Dyer’s passionate take on the state of the nation won him admirers on Twitter.

It is not the first time Dyer has passed comment on some of the major geo-political events of the 21st century.

On Twitter in 2012 he reflected on the “slags” behind the September 11 attacks.


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