15/01/2019 11:01 GMT | Updated 13/03/2019 17:41 GMT

Danny Dyer Discovers He's Descended From An Actual, Literal Saint

As if having Edward III in his bloodline wasn't enough.

As you may already know, Danny Dyer is able to boast being part of a very impressive bloodline.

Not only is he a descendent of Edward III, as he discovered while taking part on ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ in 2016, his daughter Dani is the actual winner of ‘Love Island’. She’s hosting backstage at the NTAs this year and everything.


Well hold on to your hats, Danny Dyer fans, because he’s now unearthed yet another distant relative.

Danny Dyer

The ‘EastEnders’ star’s appearance on ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ has inspired a follow-up documentary, ‘Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family’, in which he discovers his bloodline is not just regal, but holy too.

Yes, he’s the descendent of a saint.

During the two-part show, Danny learns of his great-great-great-great (there’s 26 of them in total, so we’ll leave that one there) grandfather King Louis IX, perhaps better known as Saint Louis of France.

Medieval historian Dr Emily Guerry tells him: “He was very religious, very devout. He was anti-bad behaviour. He became a man who actually modelled himself on Jesus Christ and lived to imitate Christ.”

In the first episode, Danny attempts to imitate his historic relative, walking the streets of Paris barefoot as King Louis did to imitate Jesus.

“I admire him because he does exactly as he preaches and is showing everybody,” Danny says, at the end of his barefoot stroll. “He walked for six miles barefoot, in pain, and that you’ve got to respect. Considering the money and power he had and the life he could have lived, I think it’s very brave. Bless him.”

Danny and Dr Emily visit King Louis' personal chapel

During a visit to his descendent’s personal chapel, Danny remarks: “I don’t think I’ve ever been in a building that’s more god-like where you think you could see God plotting up in here. If God was gonna have some windows, they’d be his windows.

“That blood is sacred blood,” Emily explains to Danny, on his saintly heritage. “It works miracles in the church.”

“And I’ve got it coursing through my veins,” he responds.

The first part of ‘Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family’ airs on 23 January at 9pm on BBC One. Watch a short clip below:

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