28/10/2016 10:09 BST | Updated 28/10/2016 16:43 BST

Canterbury Video Shows Truck Driver Freeing Five 'Suspected Migrants'

'They will see Dartford and try and get back in.'

A video showing a truck driver helping five “suspected migrants” out of the back of his lorry has prompted outrage online. 

The clip, filmed from a vehicle behind the Spanish-owned lorry near Bridge in Canterbury, Kent, on Thursday, shows a man opening the truck’s rear doors before five people climb out. 

A man heard on the clip, which appears on Kent 999s’ Twitter account, commentates as the migrants climb down to the road. He exclaims, “Oh, my fucking god”, as the first man jumps out, clutching a mobile phone, before walking out of view around 9am. 

Kent 999s
A video shot near Bridge, in Canterbury, on Thursday shows a truck driver letting five 'suspected migrants' out of the back of his lorry

The door then opens wider and a woman is helped out of the truck, which appears to be transporting onions. Another man is then seen helping a second woman out, before a fifth man climbs out and the doors are closed. 

The man commentating on the video says: “I’ve never seen nothing like it in my fucking life”. 

The truck driver then appears to wave the group on their way. 

The video has sparked outrage online with most commenters expressing anti-immigration sentiments, although one Twitter user said: “Sad really. No way for human beings to live.”

Kent police responded to the post on Twitter confirming they were in attendance and later added in a statement: “Kent Police was called to the the A2 near to Bridge, Canterbury at 9.03am on Thursday 27 October to reports that a number of suspected migrants had been seen exiting a lorry on the M25.

“Officers attended and four suspected migrants were reported to have been found.

“They were taken into custody and the matter passed over to immigration officials from the Home Office.”

Kent 999s
Police attended the scene and said four suspected migrants had been located and passed over to immigration officials from the Home Office 

Kent Police, who had earlier wrongly stated the incident was at A282 near the Dartford Crossing, have not commented on whether the driver of the truck will face any charges. 

The truck is branded with el Mosca, the name of a major Spanish transport company based in Madrid.

The company is yet to comment on the incident.