Every child fleeing war or persecution should have the same opportunities that I have, and the same right to safety.
Misinformation is rife in public conversations around asylum seekers. Here's the truth behind the claims we hear most often.
With the highest coronavirus death toll in Europe, and a recession of catastrophic proportions, it's no surprise the government is looking for someone to blame, JCWI's Minnie Rahman writes.
Refugees are pushing harder and harder to reach safety in this pandemic – and yet the UK still wants to send people back.
Ahmad has repeatedly tried to escape Calais 'hell' with wife and children.
Over 2 years since the demolition of the ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais there are still over 3000 refugees dispersed and living around Northern France and Belgium. Deteriorating conditions have lead refugees to try increasingly risky methods of reaching the UK.
French authorities near Calais have increased patrols in a bid to curb the number of migrants attempting to cross the English Channel. A recent spike in attempted high-risk crossings by small boats has prompted the escalation of security operations.
Jean-Marc Puissesseau said he was "shocked" the transport secretary handed companies £100m of new contracts.