Nine-Year-Old's Sassy Note Proves Kids Know Exactly What To Say To Make Parents Feel Guilty

'At least I know how ashamed you are of me.'

A nine-year-old left a handwritten note for her mum that proves kids know exactly how to pull on parents’ heartstrings.

The girl, known only as ‘Ellie’, had refused to tidy her room which caused her mum to get mad.

“Ellie then declared she wanted to be sold on eBay because she didn’t want to be part of the family anymore and in the heat of the tidying argument her mum said that nobody would buy her, which resulted in this,” the explanation on the Facebook photo read.

The note, shared on The Unmumsy Mum’s Facebook page, reads: “Dear mum, yes I agree I was mean to you and did very wrong.

“I am very sorry but the fact I am poorley [sic] and wanted to rest has just flew out the window.

“I am sorry but the fact you said no one would buy me really shattered my heart.

“At least I know how ashamed you are of me. All my love, Ellie.”

Ellie was obviously upset by her mum’s hurtful comments, but we can’t help but feel she did all she could to make her mum feel even more guilty.

In short, it’s a brilliantly sassy reply.

Ellie’s mum was not alone in finding an unhappy note from her child. The photo prompted other parents to share the ones they’d found in their homes.

Comments ranged from “Go away”, to “I don’t like you anymore” and “Mummy shouted at me”.

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