David Beckham Causes Debate With Instagram Photo Of Himself Kissing Five-Year-Old Harper On The Lips

'I can’t help but think it’s pretty weird.'

David Beckham has caused a debate among parents online after sharing a photo of himself kissing five-year-old Harper on the lips.

The 42-year-old dad shared the candid snap on 1 June with a beautiful setting in the background and wrote: “Kiss for daddy ❤️.”

It didn’t take long for critics to comment on the photo, calling it “weird”.

“I try not to judge but I can’t help but think it’s pretty weird that he kisses her on the lips considering her age,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “To be honest kissing your daughter on the lips is a little weird... yes it is.”

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Another person commented on the photo: “Why do this? We don’t need to see it.”

However many of Beckham’s fans loved the father-daughter snap, with people calling it “beautiful”, “lovely” and “sweet”.

“Ignore the haters,” one person wrote. “They’re stupid. Harper is not a teenager, she’s a little girl and there is nothing wrong with it.”

Another praised the snap, writing: “Love this photo, sod the negative comments.

“I kiss all three of my sons because I love them, end of. We need more love and less negatively in this world. Hugs to you and your family.”

And another fan wrote: “Lovely photo showing the sweet connection between you and your daughter.”

This isn’t the first time the Beckham family has sparked a debate online on this topic.

In July 2016, Victoria Beckham shared a photo of herself and Harper kissing on the lips, to celebrate her daughter’s fifth birthday.

“We all love you so much, kisses from mummy,” she captioned the photo at the time. It was met with criticism, with people calling the snap “strange”.

But, as ever, her fans defended the photo, calling it “beautiful” and telling her to ignore the criticism.

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