01/05/2021 10:09 BST

Victoria Beckham Gives Us Quite The Mental Image With Details Of David's Half-Dressed Zoom Calls

“The people he was on Zoom to would have been quite surprised if they had seen the full look.”

Listen, we’ve all been guilty of only getting half dressed for work video calls during the pandemic, and it seems David Beckham is no different. 

Victoria has revealed her husband has taken to doing Zoom calls in his pants, and given us a mental image we cannot stop thinking about. 

In an interview with Evening Standard editor Emily Sheffield for London Rising, she told of how he would often be business up top, and party down below. 

David M. Benett via Getty Images
Victoria and David Beckham

She said: “There were a few Zoom calls I caught him on, where he had a shirt and tie to here and literally his pants.

“The people he was on Zoom to would have been quite surprised if they had seen the full look.”

Victoria added that she had also “embraced” different ways of having to look presentable on calls, including “great caps for when your hair’s not looking great” and “sunglasses if you’ve had too much wine the night before”.

However, Victoria admitted she certainly wasn’t keeping it casual at home during lockdown.

David M. Benett via Getty Images
VB hasn't been keeping it casual at home in lockdown

“I love to dress up, I love to put make up on, I love to do my hair, it’s who I am,” the Spice Girl turned fashion designer said. “I don’t just dress up to look a certain way for other people, I do it because it makes me feel good about myself. 

“Obviously I was a little bit more relaxed at home, but I still wanted to make an effort. I wasn’t going to automatically put on sweatpants – even if they are very nice Reebok sweatpants – I wasn’t going just give up and put on an elastic waist belt.”

Victoria made headlines for her dislike of another popular choice of comfortable clothing earlier this week after receiving a pair of Crocs in the post from Justin Bieber, which she later admitted she’d “rather die” than wear.