David Cameron Has Told His Dirty Joke Again

Prime Minister showcases his favourite gag to Tory MPs

David Cameron has told his favourite dirty joke - again.

The Prime Minister was on a team-bonding away day with Conservative MPs in the Cotswolds when he delivered the gag, reports by The Sunday Telegraph and Mail on Sunday.

It went something like this.

The joke is apparently an old favourite and was served up to Westminster correspondents at a dinner two years ago.

At the January 2014 event, he joked about himself, colleagues and rivals - including London mayor Boris Johnson.

I think we were in a south Hampstead suburb, during the mayoral election, and this very attractive, relatively middle-aged woman came to the door and said: "Boris, good to see you. Really lovely to see you. You are the father of one of my children."

And the white hair stood up on end and I remember the words that came out: “Cripes, Oh god, Oh cripes.”

This went on for about ten minutes.

She said: “Boris, you are the father of one of my children.”

And he said. “Do the media know? What is it? Is it money?”

She said: “No you’re the father of one of my children. I’m her maths teacher.”

The Conservative leader clearly has a fondness for this kind of thing, using his speech at the Conservative Party conference last year to make a joke about having sex with his wife Samantha - and taxes.

In an attack on Labour's economic policies, the Prime Minister targeted Jeremy Corbyn's economic adviser Richard Murphy. He told delegates:

His book is actually called 'The Joy of Tax'. I’ve read it. I took it home to show Samantha. It’s got 64 positions. And none of them work.

He's here all week etc.

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