David Cameron's Hum: We Asked An Orchestra To Perform Outgoing Prime Minister's Ditty

'It was slightly downcast, slightly melancholic about the state of the nation'.

Last month, David Cameron trotted back into Number 10 and sang a small tune to himself, or so he thought.

Like so many people who forget the means of recorded media, he’d left his microphone on.

Professional composer Thomas Hewitt Jones then responded to a call from Classic FM for musicians to analyse Cameron’s pretty ditty.

Thomas wrote and recorded into the dark of night and produced a full-blown orchestral piece in his home. Less than 48 hours on the web and it had exploded worldwide, been played on CNN, BBC Radio 4 and had reached number four on the iTunes classical chart.

Thomas released the sheet music online, so anyone could perform it.

After performing this orchestral version for The Huffington Post UK, Thomas has since gone to France to aid in the refugee camps and of course, compose a piece of music for the situation: working title, ‘Concerto for Refugees’.


Cameron’s Camerata Musicians

Flute - Ruth Stockdale

Oboe - Jenny Melville

Bass Clarinet - John Holland

Trumpet 1 - Milly Paine

Trumpet 2 - Barney Samson-Ledger

Violin 1 - Simon Hewitt Jones

Violin 2 - Liz Melville

Cello - Samara Ginsberg

Piano - Thomas Hewitt Jones


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