Denise Van Outen Slams Former ‘Whinging’ EastEnders Co-Stars: ‘Everyone Would Just Moan’

The actor and presenter appeared on the BBC soap in 2015.

Denise Van Outen won’t be returning to the set of EastEnders anytime soon by the sounds of it.

The actor and presenter featured in four episodes of the BBC soap in 2015, but she has now revealed that she found the experience “intense” because the rest of the cast seemed so miserable.

Denise told the Sun: “Everyone I met on EastEnders would just moan about it, just winging about everything.

“The day I arrived, and I’m quite a bubbly person, I was like ‘hi!’ and they were like ‘oh, you’re going to hate this’. I was like, ‘oh really?’.”

Denise played businesswoman Karin in the BBC soap.
Denise played businesswoman Karin in the BBC soap.

She added: “I don’t know what it’s like now but when I was on I found it very intense. But I think it was quite public knowledge there was a lot of tension on set.”

Denise played businesswoman Karin Smart who was the new love interest of Albert Square’s lothario Max Branning, played by Jake Wood.

However, Denise admits she’d return to Aussie soap Neighbours “in a heartbeat” because the cast were so much fun.

“I would go back to Neighbours in a heartbeat,” Denise says. “I loved it, all the cast were lovely.

“I don’t want to disrespect any of the actors from EastEnders because they do an amazing job, but I think perhaps, there’s a lot they have to get through. They’re very focussed and I just thought I would have more fun.”

Another show DVO could be returning to is The Big Breakfast.

Last week, Denise revealed she and her former co-host Johnny Vaughan are plotting a return to the Channel 4 show.

Johnny Vaughan and Denise Van Outen on The Big Breakfast
Johnny Vaughan and Denise Van Outen on The Big Breakfast
Ken McKay/Shutterstock

The pair presented the hit weekday morning show together on and off between 1997 and 2001.

With next year marking a huge milestone birthday for The Big Breakfast, which ended in 2002, Denise and Johnny want to reunite on screen after putting their differences behind them.

“We’ve started having conversations. It would be nice to do something to mark the 30th anniversary.

“The original house has so many great memories and it would be amazing if we could return and film there, even though it’s been renovated.

“We’d want to see all the old faces return and play some of the old games too. I’m sure the fans would love it and see it as a real nostalgia trip.”

She added: “It would be so much fun working with Johnny again on show which means so much to us both.”


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