02/06/2017 08:55 BST | Updated 02/06/2017 11:42 BST

Denise Welch Labels Piers Morgan 'A F**king Disgrace' As He Hits Out At Her Over Mental Health (Again)

'In my opinion, you've ruined all the good work your employers GMB have done over the years.'

When most people block someone on Twitter it means they don’t want to talk to them, or about them, anymore, but it seems that isn’t the case when it comes to Piers Morgan.

Despite the fact he did exactly that to Denise Welch earlier this week, he’s slammed her once again, leading to a spirited response.

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Piers and Denise

In an unprovoked move, Piers quote-tweeted a news outlet who had shared an article about his and Denise’s previous spat, writing: “Pipe down, you publicity-starved bore. Like so many celebrities these days, you use ‘mental health’ as a brand-enhancing fashion accessory.”

Denise - who has spoken openly about her own mental health issues, while also producing a short film on the topic - then hit back, once again explaining her standpoint to the ‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter:

Free speech advocate Piers is yet to respond - probably because he can’t see Denise’s posts, as he blocked her.

The former ‘Loose Women’ panelist received praise from a number of Twitter followers after she shared her posts:

Piers and Denise’s feud started earlier this week, when she called him out for saying Will Young “does not have PTSD. He has WNTS - Whiny Needy Twerp Syndrome.”

This is all in a week’s work for Piers though, who was also called into question for asking why Ariana Grande hadn’t been to visit the hospitalised victims of the Manchester bombing, which took place in the venue’s foyer after one of her concerts.

When Ariana later announced plans to return to the city for a benefit concert, he did not make any comments.

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