18/05/2017 16:17 BST

10 Questions We're All Asking About Y/Project's Detachable Jeans

Ain't nobody got time for this 🙄

From one-legged to fake mud and nearly-naked, month-by-month jeans are getting weirder and weirder. 

And now detachable jeans have arrived thanks to Y/Project.   

The beyond unusual Detachable Cut-Out Front Jeans retail for a solid £325. 

There are butt slits at the back and painful-looking shorts involved. 

And, boy, do we have questions... 


1. Why?

2. What’s with the butt slits? Ventilation?

3. More importantly, why do we need to see other people’s butts?

4. Are the shorts as uncomfortable as they look?

5. Who’s going to make this a ‘trend’ anyway?

6. They cost how much?! 

7. Will I lose friends and alienate people by wearing them?

8. What about children?

9. Who thought it was a good idea to design a second style in black with added buttons

10. Can we all just get back to reality, please?

(H/T: Metro)