19/04/2017 14:29 BST

This Singer Tried To Make One-Legged Jeans Happen At Coachella

Oh, come on 😱

It’s official: jeans in 2017 are getting weirder by the week. 

First came Durex jeans, and then last week a collaboration between French fashion brand Vetements and Levi brought us bare butt jeans.

Now, half-leg jeans are trying to enter the fashion fold. 

American singer and actress, Ryan Destiny, currently starring in Fox’s drama series Star, showcased the new style at Coachella in California.  

Wearing a black bodysuit saying ‘Ready For Trumpocalypse’, the singer paired it with a half-leg pair of jeans - complete with a black belt and boots. 

Who's wit me? #Adventures

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We’re unsure if this is an innovative design created by the singer herself or if she bought them, but one thing’s for sure... we can’t see it catching on.